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Welcome to winter!

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Since our children were born, parents of older children have been telling me “Enjoy it while you can because time goes so fast.”

At the time, as a sleep-deprived young Mom, it was the last thing I wanted to hear; yet I now realize how true it is. I am more aware, with each passing day, that as our children get older both the days and the seasons fly by faster. It feels like I was just writing last winter’s Publisher’s Note, and here we are again!

Being mindful of how fast time goes, we felt it was important to take advantage of our time together, and we embarked on a trip of a lifetime to Greece in September.  Our girls – aged 11 and 8 – missed the first two weeks of school and joined us, along with my husband’s parents and sister, to explore three Greek Islands, as well as Athens. Intergenerational travel is something we had never experienced, and we had a fantastic time making memories in another country while enjoying another culture. There were lots of laughs, a few tears, and some learning curves, but mostly just fun!

This issue leads up to our 3rd anniversary of publishing Huron-Perth Boomers, and there seems to be no shortage of topics to discuss that are important to adults 50+. There are many things you’re thinking about, struggling with, and wanting a local expert’s opinion on. In this issue we cover topics such as low vision and eye health, how to pack a capsule wardrobe for your winter holiday, a trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon, a Bucket List travel feature of local women who hiked the entire Bruce Trail, and so much more!

Thank you for continuing to support Huron-Perth Boomers magazine. We are so very proud to be the only local, free magazine for adults 50+ in Huron and Perth counties.

Happy winter!

Amy Irwin
Publisher, Huron-Perth Boomers

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Keep travelling this fall

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Yet another amazing Huron/Perth summer has come and gone. It seemed to be the perfect mix of just hot enough, with all the sunny days explorers and beachgoers needed to be happy, and just the right amount of rain at just the right time to keep the farmers happy too.

Our family had a fantastic summer, spending time camping, at the beach, and many evenings and weekends at local ball diamonds, as both kids played this year. Our girls also took in a couple of day camps, our oldest started babysitting a day a week (where did that time go?), and they experienced their first non-family wedding, where they danced the night away.

The experts say it’s going to be a beautiful fall, weather-wise, perfect for continuing to embrace all Huron/Perth has to offer. My family has become a proponent of the fall vacation (sorry teachers!), because we don’t think the exploring and travelling has to end as soon as August does. As life seems to get so much busier in October, we think it’s important to embrace travel in the September shoulder season, so this year our entire family – my husband’s parents and sister, plus the four of us – are heading to the Greek Islands (with a few days in Athens), when a good portion of the international tourists have gone home.

Although we’re less local than usual this fall, I encourage you to use our final beautiful days to do some last-minute exploring around Huron and Perth – most of the highlights are still there in all their glory, they’re just less busy!

As always, we have a great issue for you with many interesting stories, and our continued gratitude goes to our contributors, advertisers, distributors and you, our reader! Thank you for making Huron-Perth Boomers magazine the go-to source of local information for local adults 50+!

Amy Irwin
Publisher, Huron-Perth Boomers

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Spreading love and kindness

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Summer – we thought you’d never show your true self!

Winter seemed especially long this year in Huron/Perth, costing us most of our spring, so it’s nice to finally be able to get outside and mostly know what to expect, weather-wise.

Summer is always a gem in our beautiful corner of Ontario. The fact that we only get a few months of it a year makes it that much more special. I think we should wring every drop out of it, knowing that local highways will be threatened to close again before we know it.

This issue marks our third summer of informing and entertaining adults 50+ in Huron/Perth, and this issue is extra special to me because, in all my years of publishing, I have never written an article… until now! In this issue I detail my volunteer trip to Nicaragua with a group of like-minded residents from Port Elgin and across Ontario.

I had the privilege of travelling to Nicaragua for 10 days in February on a volunteer trip where we did our best to help the people of that very poor, and incredibly beautiful, country. It was truly a life-changing experience, and I’m proud – and also a little nervous – to be putting myself out there in print for the first time. Read ‘Love and Kindness in Nicaragua’ on Page 14.

We also have interesting stories about the benefits of being connected to the natural world, how to be a support for people who have lost a lifelong partner, Huron County’s many connections to space travel, photography tips, and much more!

I hope you and your family have a chance to soak up all summer has to offer this year, and I wish you blue skies, warm sand and lots of memories!

– Amy Irwin, Publisher, Huron-Perth Boomers

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We want to hear from you!

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We did it! We made it through another Huron/Perth winter!

My family spent a lot of time at the arena, cheering on our daughter’s hockey team, as well as those of our friends’ children. I love how the community comes together at the rink, especially for those exciting playoff games! However, I look forward to fewer Zamboni fumes and the absence of snow, salt and ice, and I can’t wait for green grass and temperatures above zero!

My thanks goes to all of you who provided feedback on our Winter 2017/18 issue! We love to hear from our readers, so be sure to reach out and tell me what you enjoy, and if you have story ideas for future issues please touch base. Also, if you have a minute, please fill out our readership survey, which provides us with important information about how to best serve you! Find the link on our Facebook page or click here.

We have curated another awesome issue of Boomers for you this spring. We have a very informative health article about shingle and the new vaccine, the combative nature of the area’s earliest newspapers, and a feature on mindfulness and meditation. Our Travel feature takes a trek to Utah, which – as the story states – is somehow the forgotten destination when you talk to people about America’s western states. When you see the photographs taken by author Amy Muschik, you’ll start Googling the price of airplane tickets to Salt Lake City (at least if you’re anything like me!). Our Bucket List feature follows well-known Stratfordites Eddie Matthews and Lori Lupton as they explore the stunning fjords of Iceland and Norway.

As always, my gratitude goes to our advertisers, readers, writers and distributors for making Huron-Perth Boomers the premier publication for local adults 50+.

Have a wonderful spring!

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Don’t let winter get you down

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Thanks for picking up the winter issue of Huron-Perth Boomers! We have another great issue for you, with one story in particular that gave me pause. It’s about beating the winter blahs (Page 4), and it explains how we’re physiologically dispositioned to conserve energy at this time of year, so we need to stop being so hard on ourselves when we feel the need to hibernate during the cold winter months.

The seemingly endless grey days that winter can bring does dampen my spirit, so this year I’m going to make an extra effort to get outside as much as possible, whether just going for a walk (read our story on Page 8 about safe winter walking), cross-country skiing, playing with my kids or public skating at our local arenas. Sometimes, the crisp air is all I need to get the bounce back in my step.

Much of our ability to enjoy the outdoors this time of year, of course, depends on what Old Man Winter brings. With the past two winters being so mild, the prognosticators are unsure of what to expect this year – some say we’re in for a ‘true Canadian winter’ with deep snow and long cold snaps, while others see another ‘open’ winter, with yo-yoing temperatures and on-again, off-again snow. Though I’m not a huge fan of the white stuff, I do hope it’s one way or the other instead of bouncing between cold and mild. It could be an old wives tale that cold weather kills the bugs that make us sick, but I know the past two winters have allowed cold and flu season to hang around our house for what felt like the entire winter, as it did with most of our family and friends as well.

Regardless of what the winter brings, I must thank our writers, advertisers, distributors and readers for their continued support as we approach our second anniversary, which we’ll achieve with our Spring 2018 issue. Your kind words and willingness to be a part of the magazine allows us to be an important and entertaining resource for adults 50+ in Huron and Perth counties.

Happy holidays and all the best in 2018!

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Summer felt short, but fall is best

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Yet again summer felt short, and, I admit, it was too chilly and rainy for my liking. On the plus side, I made sure to take advantage of the beautiful, sunny days we did have, making them that much sweeter.

The turning of the calendar isn’t all bad news either because fall is, by far, my favourite season, so I welcome it with open (although sweater-covered) arms. Growing up on a farm that featured a small apple orchard and roadside market, on Hwy. 21 north of Goderich, fall was always our busiest season, as the apples were harvested. This fall marks the first year in a quarter century I won’t be helping my parents on the home farm, as they are enjoying their first year of retirement. Had 15-year-old me knew I would one day miss all the work that goes into an apple harvest, she’d be floored, but fresh apples off the tree just can’t be beat, regardless of how much work it takes to put them in your hands. I wish my parents, Roger and Gail Farrell, a well-deserved retirement!

We received a lot of positive feedback about our summer issue, including much about our Hospice story, however please note Jessica’s House in Exeter was inadvertently overlooked in that feature. Be sure to update your list of hospice resources in Huron-Perth with Jessica’s House and learn about the amazing work the community is doing to make this dream a reality at

We’ve worked hard to put together another fantastic issue of Huron-Perth Boomers for you and I think all the articles, written by local authors about local people in Huron and Perth counties, are worthy of enjoying with a hot cup of coffee or cold glass of wine! Welcome to our new advertisers and a sincere thank you to our ongoing advertisers, readers, writers, distributors and supporters. We strive to be a true community publication and it’s only with your support we can be the premier publication for local adults 50+. Please continue to support those represented in our magazine by keeping your spending local as much as possible!

And enjoy all the amazing sights, tastes and events our area provides this fall!

Amy Irwin
Publisher, Huron-Perth Boomers

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Welcome Summer 2017!

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Summer … I’m so happy you’ve arrived!

Although it seemed like a long, cold and wet spring in Huron/Perth, it was likely no different than any other. Now, I’m ready for sandals and sun, barbecues and beach days, and trying out my Mother’s Day gift – a new paddleboard! I hope you are able to take some time for yourself this summer and really enjoy every article in this issue. I think you’ll enjoy the variety and depth of the articles we have for you.

Susan Qureshi and Constance Russo outline the need for hospice palliative care in Huron and Perth counties, and also discuss the many different ways people can volunteer with these local organizations. Not everyone deals with dying people and their families, skill-sets that include fundraising, cooking, cleaning, bookkeeping, etc., are required.

Prohibition in the late-19th and early-20th Centuries is something we often see in the movies, but do you know what life was like in Huron and Perth counties during these times? Elizabeth French-Gibson, Senior Curator at the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol, writes an interesting story based on the Museum’s temporary exhibit ‘Huron County: The Dry Years.’

Our ‘If These Walls Could Talk…’ feature looks at the life of Perth County’s own Prime Minister, Arthur Meighen, who served two terms as Canada’s most powerful Parliamentarian.

These are just a few of the many interesting articles in this issue, so enjoy!

So bask in every moment this summer and take advantage of all it has to offer, whether it’s day trips with family, solitary time on the beach or trails, taking in local events, volunteering, or even working.  Take the time to relax or set out on an adventure – whatever summer looks like for you – and enjoy this amazing time of year, because winter will be back before we know it.

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Celebrating our first anniversary

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Well, we made it through another Huron/Perth winter!

Though March often brings its share of unpredictable weather, I think we got off pretty lucky with our winter, despite dire predictions this past fall about a long, cold one. I’m always ready to welcome spring and its longer, brighter days, the first signs of green poking through, and nice rains to wash away winter’s salt, dirt and grime. Bring it on!

I think we have really brought it on in our Spring 2017 issue of Huron-Perth Boomers, which also happens to mark our first anniversary! Thank you to all our readers, writers, distributors and advertisers for helping to create and sustain the area’s only free magazine for adults 50+! The feedback we have received over the past year about Huron-Perth Boomers has been nothing short of amazing, and we will continue to inform and entertain local Baby Boomers for many years to come.

There are plenty of great stories in this issue about local people, written by local authors. Learn more about the misconceptions of local food banks, written by Steve Stacey of The Local Community Food Centre. Live vicariously through writer Elizabeth Bundy-Cooper as she recalls a trip to Belize. Local historian Jodi Jerome explores the history of the Huron County Museum, while volunteer extraordinare Jean Aitcheson shares her adventures of helping thousands of others in South America in our Bucket List feature. Read these stories and so much more in our Spring issue!

As always, thank you for reading and sharing Huron-Perth Boomers, and for supporting our advertisers. Be sure to like us on Facebook and feel free to send us a note at to let us know how we are doing, and have a fantastic Spring!

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Make the most of winter

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To be completely honest with you, I dread winter.

The first snowfall is amazing, especially for the kids, but after about a week, I’m done. I hate getting my snow tires on. I don’t love wearing layers-upon-layers of clothes, brushing off my car every day, having my nose freeze every time I leave the house, cleaning up puddles of melted snow off my floor… you understand!

However, we live in Canada – more specifically the snowbelt of Ontario – and winter is inevitable. I have decided to embrace winter this year because it’s comprised of half of our year and a that’s a lot of time to spend in dread!

This year I’m going to skate more often, pull out my dusty snowshoes, and maybe try skiing again. I’m going to play in the snow more with the kids, go tobogganing and make forts. There’s so much to do and explore in our area this season, so don’t let half a year go to waste just because it’s cold outside.

But I’m definitely booking a trip south (even if just for a week!).

We have worked hard on another great issue for you and we’re proud of our fourth  Huron-Perth Boomers! Take yourself away to the Galapagos Islands, learn more about volunteerism and why we give, read about local couple Fred and Elinor Clarke, who have chosen to live their lives as one great adventure, and so much more!

Thank you as always, to our loyal readers, writers, distributors and advertisers, we’re proud to be a part of Huron-Perth and a voice for you as a true community magazine.

So, however you choose to spend your winter, please stay healthy and try to make the most of it.

See you in the spring!

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Fall is a time of renewal

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Ah, fall… my favourite time of year!

As much as I love the short, and this year hot, summer that Huron/Perth provided us, I always look forward to September. Getting the family back into some kind of routine, buying new sweaters and leggings, breaking out my cute boots instead of flip flops, it’s a time of renewal.

Fall is a time to trade in beaches and barbecues for crisp air and casseroles; a time to enjoy the amazing colours in Huron/Perth and some awesome fall events; a time to think about getting ready for winter – home maintenance, snow tires and Christmas shopping (which is much more fun!).

As always, we have a great line-up of articles in this, our third, issue. We are  fortunate to have so many interesting and knowledgeable people in our community who want to share their expertise and life experiences. It is the contribution of these people, businesses and organizations that makes Huron-Perth Boomers a true community magazine – our stories are written by people in Huron/Perth for people in Huron/Perth.

In this issue you’ll follow one author’s trip through Iceland, try to solve a murder mystery in 1903 Wingham, get tips for avoiding illnesses while travelling, and learn more about Huron County’s role in preparing Allied troops for battle during the Second World War – fitting as we approach Remembrance Day on Nov. 11.

As always, please support our advertisers and distributors – especially as we approach the holiday season. They are truly the lifeblood of our communities.

Happy fall!