To be completely honest with you, I dread winter.

The first snowfall is amazing, especially for the kids, but after about a week, I’m done. I hate getting my snow tires on. I don’t love wearing layers-upon-layers of clothes, brushing off my car every day, having my nose freeze every time I leave the house, cleaning up puddles of melted snow off my floor… you understand!

However, we live in Canada – more specifically the snowbelt of Ontario – and winter is inevitable. I have decided to embrace winter this year because it’s comprised of half of our year and a that’s a lot of time to spend in dread!

This year I’m going to skate more often, pull out my dusty snowshoes, and maybe try skiing again. I’m going to play in the snow more with the kids, go tobogganing and make forts. There’s so much to do and explore in our area this season, so don’t let half a year go to waste just because it’s cold outside.

But I’m definitely booking a trip south (even if just for a week!).

We have worked hard on another great issue for you and we’re proud of our fourth  Huron-Perth Boomers! Take yourself away to the Galapagos Islands, learn more about volunteerism and why we give, read about local couple Fred and Elinor Clarke, who have chosen to live their lives as one great adventure, and so much more!

Thank you as always, to our loyal readers, writers, distributors and advertisers, we’re proud to be a part of Huron-Perth and a voice for you as a true community magazine.

So, however you choose to spend your winter, please stay healthy and try to make the most of it.

See you in the spring!

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