I’m going to be honest, I’m a fair-weather type of girl. While I want to love winter – and each year I make big plans to go skiing, snowshoeing, and skating in order to fully embrace our own Great White North of Huron and Perth counties – if I really stop to think about it, the idea of partaking in winter is much more appealing than actually leaving my house.

Give me a good book, a great movie, some board games and my family safe at home, and I’m happy to “embrace” winter from inside. I have come to realize that this is OK, and I hope you had a chance to take advantage of winter in whatever way makes you the happiest.

Once again, we have some great articles in this issue of Huron-Perth Boomers, including a look at Nashville, a city known for its music but one which has so much more to offer (Page 4). The Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance outlines the differences between Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, and provides resources and support groups available to the people of Huron and Perth (Page 12).

This issue’s ‘If These Walls Could Talk…’ historical piece focuses on ‘The Ridge,’ one of the original homes of Goderich, which overlooked the new town from the north side of the Maitland River (Page 16). The people who played a role in this home’s history are fascinating. Finally, our Bucket List feature takes a trip across the Atlantic Ocean with Dean Nisbett, of Bayfield, who one day decided to sail across the big pond and eventually did just that. First though, he had to buy a boat and learn to sail! Read Dean’s story on Page 26.

As always, thank you to our advertisers, contributors and readers! It takes a village to support small businesses and we are appreciative of your continued support and belief in Huron-Perth Boomers magazine.

Happy Spring!

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