John Steinbeck said, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

A lot of people, especially in Huron and Perth counties, dread winter – the copious amounts of snow, lake effect flurries, road closures, bitter cold, ice and slush. This season, I challenge you to embrace winter for what it is because we can’t change it! Push yourself to get outside and try something new, whether it’s snowshoeing, skiing, skating or just taking regular walks. If you can’t be outside, enjoy cozy times hunkering down at home.

If you are truly someone who doesn’t enjoy this season, I can only hope you will appreciate the warm weather all that much more when it returns. With this being our second pandemic winter, one thing I think we’ve all learned is to embrace the current place and time, value being safe and healthy, and don’t take anything for granted.

This issue is our second back in print after being online-only during the height of the pandemic. Thank you for your ongoing support and positive feedback!

In this issue, Bonnie Sitter shares some memories of local Farmerettes. Elizabeth Bundy-Cooper chats with Stratford Milliner, Monica Viani, about her prestigious career making hats for theatre, TV and film. Now that the snow is here, and likely to stick around, be sure you and your loved ones are ready to take on the road with safe winter driving tips. On Page 20, John Kastner shares the interesting story of the old Stratford Post Office, and its remaining artifacts. Finally, Sarah Versteeg writes about loneliness and what to do about it helpful tips for coming into a long winter.

Thank you for reading Huron-Perth Boomers magazine – my family wishes you and your family a safe and healthy winter season!

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