Pumpkin Spice is my season. No doubt about it, there’s no time I love more than fall. Warm September (and hopefully October!) days, cool mornings and crisp nights – everything smells fresh but also nostalgic at the same time. Kids are back in school (yeah!), sweaters and leggings come out and warm comfort meals take over for barbecues. If every day could be the ideal fall sunny September day, I would be a happy person!

This marks our eighth fall issue of Huron-Perth Boomers! It’s hard to believe that when we published our first fall issue, my youngest daughter was five and is now going into Grade 8, while our oldest was in Grade 3 and now is behind the wheel! Every once in a while, I like to re-introduce our family to our readers, as Huron-Perth Boomers is a true, small, family-based company, not a big corporation. Our family works together – from writing, editing, selling advertising, and distribution to having the kids do some heavy lifting by loading magazines into my SUV and running the house at deadline time.

In this issue, the stroke team at the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance shares important information about stroke prevention and treatment. Elizabeth Kerr writes about Stratford visionary Eleanor Kane, while John Kastner takes us down memory lane as the William Allman Arena in Stratford prepares to turn 100 years old. Jill Ellis-Worthington takes us on a trip to New Orleans, with some affordable as well as luxury options to experience Mardi Gras, and April Taylor reminisces about the lost art of letter writing.

Thank you to our readers, writers, advertisers and distributors – I hope you enjoy Pumpkin Spice season this year as much I do!

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