Thank you for reading the second edition of Huron-Perth Boomers! Whether you became a fan this past spring or are experiencing it for the first time, we’re ecstatic to have you along for the ride.

The feedback we received from our inaugural Spring 2016 issue has been overwhelming, to say the least. We’ve received numerous phone calls from readers who expressed gratitude to finally have a locally produced magazine that directly focuses on the age 50-70 demographic. We will never tire of the unsolicited emails that continue to hit our inbox from readers and potential writers and advertisers, expressing well wishes and kudos for providing an attractive and entertaining product to this important age group. We’ve even received paid subscriptions because people don’t want to take a chance they’ll miss an issue, and, I must admit, that almost makes me blush!

But it’s not just platitudes we’re looking for – we always welcome feedback on ways we can better serve our readers. What do you want to read more or less of? How can we increase our impact on the lives of local Baby Boomers? Don’t hesitate to contact me at 519-524-0101 or with your thoughts.

In this issue, we have incredibly interesting stories about a Stratford couple who have travelled the world since retiring, historical pieces on the CN schoolcar in Clinton and Livingston Manor in Listowel, a delicious recipe from the renowned Part2 Bistro in Blyth, the importance of transportation and staying socially engaged as we age, and much more!

I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize our writers, distributors and advertisers for their continued support. They took part in our inaugural issue on blind faith, and I hope we held up our end of the bargain to provide an attractive, informative and entertaining read. So enjoy Huron-Perth Boomers – whether it’s your first time or you’re back for more, we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve had publishing it.

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